Are Fender Custom Shop Guitars Worth It?

Are fender custom shop guitars worth it

When it comes to electric guitars, there is nothing like Fender. This iconic brand has been at the center stage of the evolution of electric guitars and played a crucial part in the creation of this new instrument back in the 1950s. Over the years, the price of Fender guitars, in general, has increased considerably. Long are the days when you could get an American-made Fender for an affordable price, and the Mexican models do not seem to have the same quality despite being fine instruments.

This leaves many guitar players wishing and dreaming of a Fender custom shop, but are they worth it? Is the extra cost really justified and reflected in the quality of the materials? In this guide, we’ll help you analyze whether or not Fender Custom Shop guitars are really worth it.

Why Fender Custom Shop guitars are so expensive

Fender American Vintage

Before we dive into the big question of whether or not Fender Custom Shop guitars are worth it, we must first understand why their prices are so high.

Quality of the materials

Fender sources woods of different quality for its instruments, and while you may get a great quality instrument with any Fender American Standard, the most premium woods are all used in the Custom Shop. Because of this, Fender Custom Shop guitars tend to be more expensive than the standard American models. Additionally, some Fender Custom Shop guitars also use exotic and rare woods.

Quality control

Besides using the highest quality materials, the quality control at the Fender Custom Shop also has the highest standards. This means that whatever guitar comes out of the Custom Shop, it has to be a very high-quality instrument that maintains the Fender Custom Shop standards.

Manufacturers and luthier

It should also be said that the luthiers working in the Fender Custom Shop are some of the leading experts in electric guitar building worldwide. Don’t be mistaken. Whenever you pick up a Fender Custom Shop, you have a guitar that has followed a rigorous and strict manufacturing process overseen by Fender’s expert luthiers. Obviously, this kind of dedication and expertise commands a higher price than owners of Fender Custom Shop guitars are willing to pay.


While most guitar manufacturers today use machines and a lot of the building processes are automated, every single Fender Custom Shop is built by hand, by experienced luthiers. Obviously, this ensures that the final product is of the highest quality and that the guitar construction is top-notch.

Are Fender Custom Shop guitars better?

There is no doubt that the Fender Custom Shop guitars are far better than their standard models, which is noticeable in the tone and playability of the instrument. Moreover, a Fender Custom Shop will also retain its value for a longer time and can be easily sold. Therefore its resale value can also make a difference if you switch guitars or sell your used Fender Custom Shop. You will find plenty of potential buyers eager to get their hands on a Fender Custom Shop model

Do Fender Custom Shop guitars go up in value?

While it is common for some Fender Custom Shop guitars to go up in value, this is not true for every guitar model that comes out of the Custom Shop. Depending on the model, the year, and its popularity, your Fender Custom Shop may appreciate in price slightly over time, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Are Fender Custom Shop pickups worth it?

There’s definitely a large difference between the pickups that come in your standard Mexican and American Fender guitars and the ones from the custom shop. Fender Custom Shop pickups definitely make a huge difference in the sound and tone of your guitar.

However, you don’t have to buy a Fender Custom Shop guitar to get your hands on these premium pickups. If you have a Fender guitar already, you can easily choose some Custom Shop pickups to replace them.

How much a Fender Custom Shop cost

Fender Custom Shop guitars can be purchased for as low as $2,000 used, depending on the condition and the popularity of the model. However, if you plan to buy a new Fender Custom Shop, expect to pay upwards of $3,500 up to $5,000, once again depending on the model and the materials.

Are Fender Custom Shop guitars overpriced?

While it may seem like Fender Custom Shop guitars are overpriced, these are some of the finest electric guitars money can buy. Obviously, if you are a beginner player just learning how to play guitar, it does not make a lot of sense to own one of the fine instruments. Still, if you are an experienced guitar player that cares about the quality of your instrument, a Fender Custom Shop guitar will be a worthwhile investment.


If you are looking for the best possible Fender guitar, you have to consider getting a Fender Custom Shop model. These are the highest quality instruments that Fender manufactures, and you are guaranteed to buy an instrument that will last you a lifetime. Whether you are just starting out and you have a big passion for guitars or you are an advanced player that needs a recording or gigging guitar, you will be well served with any Fender Custom Shop.

The Fender Custom Shop also allows you to either buy a ready-made instrument or order a guitar with your personal specifications, which can be an excellent option for experienced guitar players.

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