Can You Learn How To Play Guitar With Guitar Hero?

Can you learn how to play guitar with guitar hero

Guitar Hero is certainly one of the most popular video games ever created related to music, but can you actually learn how to play guitar with guitar hero?

Well although Guitar Hero can certainly help you to get familiar with rhythm, melody, and harmony, you cannot learn how to play guitar by playing Guitar Hero.

In this article, we will look at some of the most common questions on how to use Guitar Hero to learn guitar.

Does Guitar Hero help with real guitar?

Yes, playing Guitar Hero can help you to learn guitar. Although playing a real guitar is far more complicated than playing Guitar Hero, the popular videogame can actually help you to understand a few basic concepts that are needed to play the real instrument.

Why Guitar Hero can help you learn how to play guitar

Guitar Hero can help you to understand rhythm, harmony, and melody. It is also a good way for beginner guitar players to develop the right timing to press strings or the button.

However, Guitar Hero is far easier than a real guitar. The reason is that you have just 4 buttons that you need to press. 

Why playing Guitar Hero is not enough to learn guitar

Playing guitar involves a lot more coordination and it is much more demanding. To start you need to hit the right strings, with both the right and the left hand. It is also very difficult to press the strings in the beginning when you are still developing your guitar calluses.

Playing a few chords, and transitioning between them is also very complicated. This is one of the main reasons why learning how to play the guitar can be so difficult.

You also need to develop hand-eye coordination, and this is something that can only be learned with a real guitar.

Learning guitar with Guitar Hero

If you are just starting to learn guitar, using Guitar Hero is actually a good idea. When your fingers initially start hurting you can switch to Guitar Hero, and keep developing your hand position, and guitar posture.

This also allows you to develop your finger and hand strength. However, you should not practice Guitar Hero instead of practicing with the real thing. 

Remember that if you are trying to use Guitar Hero to improve your guitar playing, you need to focus on actual exercises that will improve your playing. Although you can develop some speed, and coordination with it, you will never become a better guitar player by simply playing Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero is a video game that simulates playing the guitar. It can be used to teach people how to play the guitar, but it is not a substitute for lessons from a real guitar teacher. 

It is also important to use Guitar Hero in conjunction with real lessons.

Is guitar harder than Guitar Hero?

Yes, playing guitar is far more difficult than playing Guitar Hero. The reason is that Guitar Hero is a game developed to be played by pretty much anyone without any previous experience. In order to play guitar, you will need to practice a lot more.

Additionally, Guitar Hero simply has 4 buttons on the guitar neck and another button that resembles the strings. While a real guitar has plenty of frets, different notes, and 6 strings. This makes it much more difficult to hit the right note exactly when you want. 

On top of that, playing a single string can be complicated because you need to apply a lot of pressure on the string. 

You also need to be able to have enough strength to pressure the string and make it ring.

So while you may be able to learn how to play Guitar Hero well enough in an afternoon, it will take you nearly a year to be able to play guitar well.

Can I teach myself to play guitar with Guitar Hero?

No, although Guitar Hero can help you when you are a beginner guitar player you will not be able to master the instrument simply by playing the game. 

In fact, this is one of the reasons the game is so popular. Because it allows people that have never held a guitar to mimic guitar players. 

However, playing the guitar requires a lot of dedication and practice. You need to be able to practice nearly every day in order to see a significant improvement. 

You can use Guitar Hero to get acquainted with the instrument and see if you like it before you decide to buy a guitar. It can also be used to develop finger coordination and to get a good feel for what playing the guitar is. But you will not be able to learn chords, solos, or even strumming using Guitar Hero.

Can Guitar Hero players play guitar?

While some Guitar Hero players know how to play guitar, some are not very experienced with it. 

If you know how to play guitar and you also play Guitar Hero, you will be easily able to play the guitar.

But keep in mind that in order to play the guitar you need to practice a lot of hours, and dedicate your time to learning the instrument for a few years.

Guitar Hero might be helpful, but it is not a replacement for practicing or even guitar lessons.

Do you need to know how to play guitar to play Guitar Hero?

No, pretty much anyone with no experience playing a real string instrument can play Guitar Hero. The game is fairly easy to play. You have 4 buttons that resemble guitar strings, and you have another button that represents the strings of the guitar.

Although it might require you to develop some coordination to click buttons at the same time with both hands, you do not need to know how to play guitar to play Guitar Hero.

Why is Guitar Hero so popular?

There are several reasons why people play Guitar Hero, and why it is such a popular game.

On one hand, it allows people with no music background to feel like they are actually in a band and playing in a live setting. It gives them the ability to replicate guitar players’ solos that would take years to learn. 

According to a research paper on the matter, Guitar Hero allows people that have always wanted to learn guitar to get the feeling that they are actually playing. This has a deep effect on their self-esteem, sense of self-worth, and their perception of their skills.

It is also a way for aspiring musicians without any experience playing guitar to get the instant gratification feel of actually playing the real thing.


While Guitar Hero is one of the most fun games that are related to music, and musical instruments, learning how to play it even at the most difficult level will not allow you to play the guitar.

It can certainly help if you are just starting to learn the guitar, but you should not focus too much on it if your goal is to master your instrument.

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