Ditto Looper: Why Every Guitarist Should Have One

ditto looper

A looper pedal is a must-have for guitarists, and the Ditto Looper is by far the best option. Whether you are practicing, or you just want to jam alone or with another musician, a looper pedal is the best solution. 

Years ago, looper pedals were expensive, but not anymore. The Ditto Looper is a practical and useful pedal for both practicing and jamming, that can really help you to improve your tone and chops.

Composing with the Ditto Looper

If you are a composer, and you play guitar, the Ditto Looper is a great buy. As it allows you to play your compositions easily and effortlessly. You can also add layers, and imagine how your song will develop while adding more sounds to it.

You can easily start to visualize your new song, and how you want your guitar to sound. It is also extremely useful if you plan on recording later on. As you can start to define what chords, and notes you will be playing.


Practicing can sometimes be boring, and guitarists are known for avoiding it. However, with the Ditto Looper practicing becomes a lot more fun. If you are working on a specific song, you can practice over it with the rhythm part. If you are working on your soloing, or even your composition skills it is also a great solution.

Improve your tempo

Some guitarists struggle with keeping up the tempo, and instead of using a metronome, the Ditto Looper is a great alternative. You can record the backing rhythm for any song that you are working on, and easily improve your tempo. You can also record yourself with your phone, and listen carefully to see exactly if you are missing the tempo.

Practice is fun with the Ditto Looper

One of the greatest things about the Ditto Looper is how fun it is to practice with it. It is a simple solution for soloists, that allows you to improve your guitar phrasing, and experiment with different notes and scales. It allows you to work on your playing, and your sound. It can also help you improve your tone so that you can mess with the settings on your guitar, amp, and other pedals to easily find the best tone for a certain solo.

Simple to use

There are complex guitar pedals with lots of different settings, that can confuse guitarists. Not the Ditto Looper. It has a simple button, and that’s it. Just push it to record the rhythm you want, and push it again to start looping. It is as easy as it gets, and without much effort, you can start practicing with it.

Cheap price

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of the Ditto Looper is its cheap price. It comes in at $89 so it is an affordable option. TC Electronics also makes more expensive versions of Ditto, but for most guitarists, the basic version will work out just fine.

You can also grab a used one on Reverb starting around $60.

Compared with other alternatives, the Ditto Looper is a well-built pedal that will last a long time, as long as you are gentle with it. In terms of price, it is one of the cheapest options available. Although it does not have that many settings and features, it simply works. 

If you intend to do more complex sounds and compositions with your looper, then the Ditto Looper might not be the best solution for you. 

The Ditto Looper fits in every pedalboard

If you are one of those guitarists that have guitar pedal GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), you probably have quite the collection of pedals. It becomes difficult to fit everything onto a single pedalboard. 

However, the Ditto Looper is the perfect solution. It is a small pedal that will easily fit into every pedalboard, without forcing you to remove pedals. It is also very practical to travel around if you are moving from gig to gig. 

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