8 Reasons Why You Should Try a Guitar Before Buying

Why You Should Try a Guitar Before Buying

With pretty much every single business going online, buying things is just not the way it used to be. People are no longer going to stores, trying the products, and buying them right there. They’re just browsing the internet, reading reviews, and ordering online. But when it comes to some things, there’s nothing like buying them in the store. Why? Well, guitars are not just a simple product you can read reviews online and just order, they’re musical instruments, and every musician is different. 

In this guide, we’ll go over the main reasons why you should always try a guitar out before you buy it, and we’ll also give you some tips on what to look for when buying a guitar.

Do you need to try a guitar before buying it?

While you don’t need to try a guitar out before you buy it, it is often a very sensible decision because you want to make sure you are getting the guitar you really want. Guitars aren’t just about looks!

In fact, some guitar players would argue that looks are the thing you should worry about the least. Playability and sound are way more important, and you can only check those things in person.

Especially if you are a beginner or intermediate player, you need to get a few guitars in your hands to make sure you are choosing the right one. An experienced guitarist is different because he has tried many guitars over the years, and he may order it online knowing already what he is going to get. 

However, for inexperienced guitar players, the best course of action is to just go to a store and check out some guitars. You may not even buy it right there, and you can later order it online, but you will get a better feel for it and avoid making a mistake and getting buyer’s remorse.

8 Reasons why it is important to try a guitar before buying it

Why You Should Try a Guitar Before Buying

Here are the main reasons why it is crucial to try a guitar out before buying it:

1. The neck must be comfortable

One of the most important aspects of a guitar is its neck. Not only the neck profile but also the texture and thickness of the neck can have a great influence on your playing. A guitar neck should be as comfortable as possible for the guitarist, and this will help you spend more hours practicing, and if you are planning on playing live, it is a great advantage to have a comfortable guitar neck in which you can play for hours.

Some guitar players have larger or smaller hands, while others have large or small fingers or even fat fingers. All of these characteristics impact how you play the instrument. Therefore you want to make sure that the guitar neck is as comfortable as possible.

2. Make sure the body is comfortable

The neck is not the only important part of the guitar, the body is another aspect you should consider. The guitar’s body can be larger or smaller, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure that it is the right choice for you. Without trying a guitar, you will not know whether or not the guitar body fits you nicely, whether you are standing up or sitting down.

3. Check the body finish in person

When you are buying a guitar, you want to make sure that the finish on the body is exactly like you want it, and no matter how many photos or videos online you check, there’s nothing like seeing it in real life. To make sure you get a guitar with the exact finish you want, you need to go to a music store and try it out.

4. Make sure you like the sound (video reviews are not enough)

The sound and tone of your guitar are one of the most crucial characteristics of your instrument that will make you either love it or hate it. While today there are thousands of different videos on Youtube with guitar reviews, it simply is not the same thing. 

When a guitar is played in a Youtube video, it goes through a certain rig, like pedals and amplifiers, and then the sound is recorded. Once the sound is recorded, it is processed and comes out of your speakers sounding a lot different than what it actually is in reality. 

For this reason, you want to avoid basing your guitar-buying decision just on youtube videos. Don’t get me wrong, the videos are great for getting more insights and details about the guitar model you are considering, but in terms of sound, there is nothing like trying it in a store.

5. Consider other alternatives

Another great reason why you should try a guitar in a shop is that it allows you to try other alternatives. Let’s say you are fixated on getting a certain guitar model like a Fender Stratocaster

Still, you may find that some alternatives are actually worth considering, even if the cost is lower. This is why going out to a store and checking different guitars to make sure you are buying the right one is absolutely crucial.

6. Avoid buyer’s remorse

The best way to avoid buyer’s remorse when it comes to buying guitars is to try as many guitars as possible. This is the only way for you to know exactly what you like, what you don’t like, and exactly what you want. 

Nobody wants to buy a guitar they actually don’t like, and it has to be sold or traded for the one you really want.

7. Make sure your guitar will fit your goal

Some guitar players want a guitar for a show or to learn. Others want some guitars just to play a certain style of music, and without trying out your guitar in person, you will never know. Therefore, you want to make sure the instrument you are buying is going to serve your purpose.


If you are considering getting a new guitar, we hope this article has helped to decide that you really need to try a guitar before ordering it online. There’s no going wrong with this option, and this is how you avoid ordering the wrong guitar online.

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