Do You Really Need To Have Guitar Strap Locks? Explained

guitar strap locks

One of the most common guitar accessories is strap locks, and for a good reason. While they are not a necessity, they can be one of the most underrated guitar accessories out there. Strap locks can prevent your guitar from getting unnecessary damage, like chips or even a broken headstock. 

In this article, we will go over the reasons why guitar strap locks are an essential accessory for every guitarist

What does a guitar strap lock do?

A guitar strap lock is composed of two small pieces of metal that you install on the strap peg of your guitar, and on your guitar strap. They connect each other and lock, preventing your guitar from sliding out of the strap.

It prevents your guitar from any dings, chips, or even some serious damage like breaking the headstock. The cool thing about guitar strap locks is that they are very affordable, so it is like cheap insurance for your guitar. They are also very easy to install, and considering the benefits, it is definitely worth getting.

Are guitar strap locks important?

While guitar strap locks are not essential, it worth considering. If you play live, this is a must-have, or even if you practice at home standing up you should consider getting strap locks. On the other hand, if you play a lot sitting down, and mostly around the house, it might not be so important to get strap locks.

Benefits of having guitar strap locks

Here are some of the main benefits of having guitar strap locks:

  • Prevent damage
  • Guitar straps loosen over time
  • Accidents happen

Prevents damage

Yes, we all hate those dings and chips, unless you are into relic finishes. Apart from small dings that may not affect the playability of the instrument, the main reason to use strap locks is to prevent more serious damage like a broken headstock. It can be extremely costly, and hard to repair. A simple strap lock that takes 5 minutes to install and is very cheap can prevent that.

Guitar straps wear out

The longer you use your guitar strap, the strap holes where you put the guitar pegs tend to loosen, which makes the hole get bigger and bigger. This can lead your guitar to slide out of the strap and end up falling. This is another reason why the guitar strap lock is such an important accessory. The longer you use the same guitar strap, the looser it will be.

Broken Gibson Les Paul Headstock

Accidents happen

Another reason to get strap locks is that sometimes accidents just happen. Strap locks are a simple and budget-friendly way of preventing any accidents to ding your guitar. If you have a guitar that is your main axe and you want to make sure that nothing happens to it, make sure you get some strap locks. It is a simple solution, that you can always count on.


Guitar strap locks are the most underrated guitar accessory out there. If you play live frequently or plan to do so, you have to get some strap locks. It prevents your guitar from falling and getting seriously damaged. To avoid a costly guitar repair, and preserve the value of your instrument this seems to be the best solution.

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