6 Reasons Why Fretboard Note Stickers Are Worth It

fretboard note stickers are worth it

Learning to play the guitar can be a very long and challenging process that can leave you frustrated. However, with the right approach, learning how to play guitar can be easier. One of the most challenging things for beginner guitarists is memorizing the notes on the fretboard, which is why fretboard note stickers were created. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of fretboard note stickers and why you should consider using them to memorize the fretboard notes.

What are fretboard note stickers?

Fretboard note stickers are adhesive-backed decals with all the musical notes on the fretboard. They can be easily applied to the guitar or bass fretboard and help beginners visualize each note they are playing. 

It is also one of the best ways to start memorizing all the notes on the fretboard, as well as understanding the relationship between each note, scale, and chord. Guitar fretboard stickers also come in different colors, which makes it easy to identify each note by its respective color. 

6 Reasons why fretboard stickers are very useful

Fretboard stickers are incredibly useful for beginner guitar players, and there are plenty of reasons why:

1. Memorizing notes on the fretboard

The main reason why fretboard stickers are essential is that they will help you memorize all of the notes on the fretboard.

2. Learn which notes make up a chord

While it may take a while for guitar players to learn which notes make up which chords, using fretboard stickers can be a great visual aid. It will also make it easier to memorize the notes of each chord. It will also help you understand the shapes of the different chords.

3. Understand musical intervals

Understanding musical intervals is an integral part of learning music theory and mastering any instrument. Using fretboard stickers makes it easy to memorize the relationship between each note and interval. It will also help you to visualize and hear the intervals between each note.

4. Help you read and play by reading sheet music

If you are trying to perform a piece by reading sheet music, it takes time to locate each note on the fretboard, and using stickers will make everything easier. Once you have mastered reading sheet music, you can easily find the notes on the fretboard.

5. To learn new chord progressions or scales

Fretboard stickers will also be helpful when you are learning scales and chord progressions because you will easily visualize each note on the fretboard.

6. It Makes it easy to switch to bass

If you are learning how to play guitar and want to switch later on to bass, fretboard stickers are useful because you will find the same notes on the guitar fretboard on the bass. Additionally, if you are learning both bass and guitar simultaneously, it can also be helpful to use the stickers because the notes will be located in the same place.

How long does it take to memorize fretboard notes with stickers?

Depending on how much you practice, it can take 2 weeks to a month to memorize all fretboard notes using stickers. The more you practice and start visualizing each note on the fretboard, the easier it will be to start memorizing all the notes.

Are fretboard stickers worth it?

Given the low cost and how easy it is to apply the stickers on the fretboard, it is an option you should consider. It will help you immensely if you are trying to memorize each note on the fretboard, and it will improve the learning process of every beginner.

You can also remove them at any time, and they are the best way to visualize each note individually.

Fretboard note stickers FAQ

How do you apply fretboard stickers?

Fretboard stickers can be easily applied by removing the adhesive on the back and placing them on the guitar frets. To do this, you should loosen up the guitar strings and clean the fretboard to make it easy for the decals to stick to it. Once you have cleaned your fretboard, you can start applying the stickers to the fretboard.

Do fretboard stickers stay on the wood?

Yes, fretboard stickers will easily stay on the fretboard wood, however, it is essential to clean the frets before applying the stickers to ensure that they stick to it quickly and won’t fall off while you are playing.

Are fretboard stickers hard to remove?

No, fretboard stickers are pretty easy to remove, but you may have to loosen up your strings and clean your fretboard afterward. If there is a little adhesive residue left on the fretboard, you will need to use a fretboard cleaning oil and a cloth to make sure the fretboard is all clean.

How do you remove fretboard stickers?

Start by loosening the strings on your guitar so you have enough space to remove the stickers easily. Then try to remove the stickers with your fingers. Most of them will quickly come off. If the stickers do not come off using your fingers, you can use a cloth with fretboard cleaning oil to remove them.

Do fretboard stickers affect the guitar sound?

No, guitar stickers will not affect the guitar sound, as long as they are placed correctly on the instrument, they will not influence its sound. 


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