How Often Do Guitar Strings Break? (Explained)

How Often Do Guitar Strings Break

When a guitar string breaks it is a complete nightmare, especially if you do not have an extra set of strings laying around to fix the broken string. But how often do guitar strings break? Is it common?

In this article, we will answer a few questions concerning guitar strings and how often they break.

Is it common for guitar strings to break?

While it is not common for guitar strings to break, it does happen from time to time. A guitar string may break for different reasons, such as:

  • You are using old strings
  • Bending too hard
  • Picking the string too hard
  • Unpolished frets
  • Using the wrong strings

You are using old strings

One of the most common reasons for guitar strings to break is because they are old. Guitar strings deteriorate over time, and it can be a common reason for strings to break. This is why it is important to replace your guitar strings from time to time, as it can also affect the sound of your guitar, and make it sound dull.

Bending too hard

If you are bending your strings too hard, they can also break. This is especially common on the high E and B strings. Due to the fact that they are lighter and more fragile, it becomes easy for them to break.

Picking the string too har

Guitar strings can also break if you are picking the string with your fingers or a pick but you are using a lot of force. This can cause the string to break. Although it is not as common as the other reasons, it may also happen.

Unpolished frets

Unpolished frets can also create a rough surface for the strings to touch. This can lead the strings to break easily. If your guitar frets are not polished you should take your guitar to a luthier so he can polish the frets and make them smooth. This can help to prevent strings from breaking.

Using the wrong strings

Additionally, using the wrong strings can also make your spring break. If you are not using the correct string for each slot or you may be using alternate tunings with strings that are forced to have more tension than they are supposed to have, this can also make the string break.

Do guitar strings break easily?

How Often Do Guitar Strings Break

Guitar strings do not break easily, and in fact, it is fairly hard for a guitar string to break. As long as you are playing with new strings, and you constantly maintain your guitar you should be fine. You should also be aware that changes in climate, when you travel around with your guitar can also cause the string to break. This is because the changes in temperature and humidity will make your guitar react to it.

How often on average will a guitar string break?

If you take care of your guitar, and constantly maintain it will be very rare for a string to break. Guitar strings only break when you fail to maintain your instrument and care for it. If you do not change the strings regularly and do not take care of your guitar, the probability of your guitar strings breaking is higher.

You also want to make sure you are playing guitar correctly, by not pressing or strumming the strings too hard. A guitar is a delicate instrument, and the strings can break if it is strummed too hard, without the proper technique.

Can guitar strings randomly break?

Guitar strings can break randomly, although it is not a common occurrence. As long as you take care of your guitar, and constantly maintain it, your guitar strings should not break.

How long should guitar strings last?

Guitar strings should last you at least 6 months if you are not constantly playing for hours on end every day. This will obviously depend on the quality of the strings you are using, as well as how well you take care of your instrument. You want to make sure you store your guitar in a case, to keep your instrument in the best shape possible.

What guitar string is most likely to break?

The guitar string that is most likely to break is the high E string, which is the thinnest and most fragile guitar string. This is because it is the thinnest string and is under the most tension. When it is played, it vibrates at a higher frequency than the other strings, which puts more stress on it. Over time, this can cause the string to break.

Additionally, it is also possible for the B string to break, which also tends to be very thin.

Does it hurt when a guitar string breaks?

Depending on which string breaks, and how it breaks it is possible to hurt your fingers while it happens. Guitar strings are under a lot of tension, and when that tension is released and the strings break it can hit your arm, or your fingers and hurt you.

Can guitar strings cut your fingers?

While it is uncommon for a broken guitar finger to cut your fingers, it may happen. As we explained the constant tension that guitar strings are under can make the strings hit your fingers when the string breaks and the tension is released. If the strings hit your fingers in a certain way, it could definitely cut your skin.

If your guitar strings cut your fingers here is how you can take care of the wound.


While guitar strings hardly ever break it is possible to happen, especially if you are not maintaining and taking care of your guitar properly. Make sure you follow all the steps we mentioned like keeping your guitar in a case, while also polishing the frets and cleaning the string when you finish practicing.

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