How Long Does It Take to Change Guitar Strings? (Explained)

How long does it take to change guitar strings

Replacing guitar strings is one of the most important ways to keep your guitar sounding good, and make sure it is sounding great. Most beginner guitar players struggle with changing strings, and there are several common questions about changing guitar strings. One of the most common is – how long does it take to change guitar strings? How can you change guitar strings faster?

Today we will look at how long it takes to change guitar strings and we will also give you a few tips, to make the process faster and simpler.

How long does it take to change guitar strings?

Changing guitar strings takes between 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how you do it, and how experienced you are changing guitar strings. There are also a few tools that can help you make the process faster including using a wire cutter to remove the old strings, and a guitar string winder, which can make the process a lot faster.

If it is your first time changing guitar strings for the first time, it will also take a lot more time because you want to make sure you are doing everything right. 

How long does it take to put on new guitar strings?

Once you have removed the old guitar strings it should take around 10 minutes to put the new strings in place, and tune your guitar. Be aware that a guitar with new strings takes some time to tune, and it is common for the guitar to go out of tune easily. Due to the tension of the strings, it takes some days for new guitar strings to completely settle. 

Usually, the more you play the faster the strings will settle in place and remain in tune.

How long does it take for someone to restring a guitar?

If you are at a luthier or guitar shop and you ask them to restring your guitar, it should take 10 to 15 minutes, which is a lot less time than doing at home. One of the reasons is that most shops are used to changing strings every day, and that makes the process easier.

How long does it take to change a string?

Changing a single string is a lot easier than having to change all of the strings, and it should take less than 5 minutes. Just be aware that the string will take some time to settle, and it might make the guitar sound out of tune for a while. Just play for a few hours, and the string should settle in place rapidly.

Is it hard to change guitar strings?

Changing guitar strings is easy, however, if you are not used to doing it frequently it can be a bit of a hassle. This is because you do not know exactly how the process needs to be done so that the strings are well placed. 

You also might be trying to do everything by hand without using any accessories, and this can also take more time, especially to wind the strings once you change them.

How long do new strings stay in tune?

When you first change your guitar strings, they will hardly stay in tune for a long time. This is because the string is still setting, and adapting its shape and form to the guitar. Once you change guitar strings, it is important to play guitar for a few hours before the strings completely settle in place.

However, once the strings settle in place, your guitar will stay in tune longer than with the old strings. Old guitar strings can affect your tone, playability, and also how long they stay in tune. This is why it is important to always keep your guitar restringed with new strings.

Do new strings stay in tune better?

Yes, new strings will improve how long they stay in tune. As you play guitar the strings tend to stretch and lose the tension they had when they were new. This is why old guitar strings are more likely to go out of tune than new strings. There are also other factors that may affect how frequently strings stay in tune, including the type of string, the guitar you are using, the tuning pegs, and even the guitar bridge. Additionally, climate can also have an effect on tuning stability. Especially if you are moving around to different places with completely different climates.

How much does it cost to restring a guitar?

Changing guitar strings will cost you about $50, which includes $20 of labor and the cost of the strings. However, this is always dependent on the type of strings you choose. Some strings can be more expensive depending on the brand, gauge of the string, as well as the type of guitar they are made for.

This is the cost Guitar Center usually charges, however, it does vary depending on the location.

Why you should learn to change strings yourself

If you are learning guitar it is very important that you learn how to change guitar strings yourself. There are a few reasons why this is important:

  • It will save you money
  • It will save you time
  • You will be able to change strings whenever you want
  • You can easily change one string

It will save you money

One of the greatest advantages of changing strings yourself is that you will be able to do it yourself. Just imagine if you have 10 guitars, and you change guitar strings every year, that will amount to $500. By doing it yourself you will save a lot of money over the long run.

Plus you do not have to drive anywhere and spend money on public transport or gas, to be able to change the strings on your guitar.

It will save you time

You will also save time by changing guitar strings yourself. Imagine having to drive to a certain place and or have to carry your guitar in public transport just to change some strings?! This is something you want to avoid at any cost. 

You will be able to change strings whenever you want

If you are dependent on someone to change your guitar strings, you can’t change them whenever you want. This is another benefit of knowing how to change guitar strings.

You can easily change one string

If you break one of the strings in your guitar, imagine having to go somewhere just to get help changing one string. This is clearly avoidable if you learn how to change strings yourself.


While changing guitar strings can be a daunting task when you are a beginner, as you do it a few times it will become easier and faster. Just remember to use a wire cutter, and a guitar string winder to help you in the process and you will be able to change your strings in no time.

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