Should Guitar Players Use Hand Cream? (Explained)

Should guitar players use hand cream

There’s a lot of debate about whether or not guitarists should use hand cream. Some say it’s necessary to keep the hands moisturized, while others say that it does not make a difference. So, should guitar players use hand cream?

In this article, we will go over some of the reasons why guitar players should use hand cream.

Should you use hand cream if you play guitar?

Playing guitar can damage your hands, and by using hand cream you can preserve and moisturize your hands. It also allows you to repair the skin in your fingertips that can easily get damaged with constant friction against the guitar strings.

You can apply hand cream after you finish your practice routine, to ensure you get the best results.

For beginner guitar players using hand, the cream can be a great way to toughen and repair the skin on the fingertips.

How do I toughen my skin for guitar?

Playing regularly is the only way to toughen your fingertip skin to play guitar. This requires constant practice, and using cream can help. At the end of each practice session applying cream can help to restore and toughen the skin on your fingertips.

What do guitarists put on their fingers?

Guitarists use a variety of products to protect their fingers while they are playing. One popular option is finger tape, which is a thin adhesive tape that is applied to the tips of the fingers. This helps to protect them from rubbing against the strings and also helps to keep them in place while playing. 

Guitarists may also use finger protectors, which are small plastic or metal covers that fit over the fingertips. Although some guitar players advise against using them because it does not help you to toughen your skin and create calluses.

Should your lotion calluses?

Yes, using lotion or hand cream on your guitar calluses is ideal, especially if you are just starting to learn. Finger pain is something very common that every guitar player experiences when they first start learning guitar.

It takes time, and a lot of practice to develop calluses, and using lotion can help you. This is because the cream can help to repair the skin on your fingertips.

Should you moisturize guitar calluses?

Using a moisturizer can help you to repair the skin, and make it tougher. The constant friction of pressing the metal strings with your fingers can be extremely unpleasant, and it can even make your fingers bleed

Keeping your hands moisturized when you are not playing can help to restore the skin layers that might get damaged by constantly pressing the strings.

How to maintain guitar calluses

There are a few ways that people use to maintain their guitar calluses. One way is to keep playing the guitar. This will help the calluses grow in size and thickness. When you stop playing for a while, it becomes difficult to keep the guitar calluses, as they tend to fade away slowly. For that reason, you should continue to play to be able to maintain your guitar calluses.

Another way is to keep the hands and fingers moisturized. This can be done by using a lotion or cream that is meant for hands and fingers. You should also avoid picking or peeling the calluses. Over time, calluses will thicken and harden, providing protection against the strings.

Guitar calluses cracking

Guitar calluses can crack and peel away, which can be painful and cause difficulty in playing the guitar. To prevent this, using lotion can be a great solution. 


For guitar players using cream can be a great way of preserving your hands, and making sure you do not damage your skin while playing. Moisturizing your hands can prevent cracking and dry skin, which can be very uncomfortable. 

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