How Long Does It Take To Learn Wonderwall on Guitar?

learn wonderwall on guitar

If you are thinking of learning guitar, most likely one of the first songs you want to learn is Wonderwall. But exactly how long does it take to learn Wonderwall on guitar? And what chords do you need to know to play the song flawlessly?

In this brief overview, we will look at how long it will take you to learn how to play Wonderwall on guitar, and a few more questions related to this epic song.

How long does it usually take to learn Wonderwall on guitar?

Learning how to play Wonderwall on guitar will most likely take you between 1 to 2 weeks depending on how much experience you have playing guitar.

Most beginners can start learning guitar by learning Wonderwall, although it might take them a little while. However, for experienced guitar players, it might take them a few minutes to learn the song.

Is Wonderwall a good song to learn on guitar?

Wonderwall is one of the best first songs to learn if you are learning by yourself or even with a guitar teacher. The structure of the song is fairly easy to understand, and the initial 4 chords are easy to memorize. This makes it the perfect song for beginners to learn.

Additionally, since almost everyone has heard the song before, it is easy to know if you are playing it right or not.

Is Wonderwall easy to play on guitar?

Yes, Wonderwall is one of the easiest songs to learn on guitar because the initial chords of the song revolve around the same chord shape with a few differences. This makes it easy for beginner players, to learn the intro to Wonderwall.

Although the chorus of the song has some more chords the intro is fairly easy for guitar players with no previous experience to learn.

Why is Wonderwall so easy to play on guitar?

One of the reasons Wonderwall is such a popular song it’s because it is easy to play, and the chords needed are very similar. This makes it easy to make the chord transitions necessary for the song.

What is the most difficult part of learning Wonderwall on guitar

One of the reasons some guitar players struggle to learn this song, in the beginning, is the strumming pattern. Since the original song includes a strumming pattern with a few downstrokes followed by upstrokes, it can be difficult for beginner guitar players to learn it very fast.

However, with enough practice, you will be able to master this iconic song.

How many chords does Wonderwall intro have?

Although you need to know 9 different chords to play Wonderwall, you only need to know 4 different chords to play the intro. The initial 4 chords are also easy to memorize since they only require slight changes in the finger placement to play.

Why is Wonderwall so popular guitar?

For years and years, Wonderwall has remained one of the most popular songs, especially for guitar players. There are several reasons that make Wonderwall such a popular song, but among guitar players, the main reason is that it is an easy song to learn.

The intro is also undeniably recognizable, and it is a powerful 4 chord progression that is super catchy.

Is Wonderwall the most famous guitar song?

Wonderwall is certainly one of the most famous guitar songs ever, and a landmark of Rock and Pop back in the late 90s early 2000s. Until this day the song remains popular, and it is played by thousands of guitar students all around the globe.


Wonderwall remains one of the most popular guitar songs ever made, and it will always be a landmark of a different era, where Rock and ballads were hits. 

It is one of the best songs for guitar students to practice, and it is easily recognizable when you play it. Make sure you get the right strumming pattern while playing it.

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